How To Write Your Own Tagline eBook - INSTANT DOWNLOAD
How To Write Your Own Tagline eBook - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

How To Write Your Own Tagline eBook - INSTANT DOWNLOAD

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Differentiating yourself from the competition is key, and a tagline is one incredible way to do that. In this 17-page ebook, I take you through what makes a great tagline, share examples, provide exercises to get you closer to your brand's unique selling point, and show you how I do it and give you the steps to get there!

• How to get to your very own unique WHY
• Anatomy of a good tagline
• Where to use your new tagline
• Why it's important
• FOUR brand-digging exercises
• Tagline creation worksheet
• Advice on how to pick the best one

1. You finalize your purchase.
2. A screen will pop up with your INSTANT DOWNLOAD.
3. You download the PDF.
4. You open the PDF.
5. You become enlightened.
6. You say, "Thanks, Sharon!"

Well that's the hope, right? We both know that a sale is really a culmination of everything coming together for the customer—they see what they want and they get what they want. I obviously can't guarantee you'll get sales with these techniques, but I can tell you they are tips and tricks based on years of working in advertising and successfully selling myself. It's my pleasure and privilege to share what I know and hope it works for you!

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Big thanks to Robin Parr for letting us share her work as an example. Thanks, Robin!