I see it happen every day. Things come together. A little light turns on in your noggin. There it is! You just made the connection with you the maker and you the brand builder. It happens when I deliver new copy or a tagline for you; help you find your unique selling point on a Coaching Call; or share my branding dos and don’ts on a live video. All of a sudden—omigosh! You get it! It’s an honor and a thrill to be there to witness it. Consider me your finder of the epiphany.

My road to brand builder, maker, and coach started in radio as a copywriter. I was in college and needed a job. I walked into a radio station and thought it'd be a fun place to be between classes and pizza consuming. The station manager decided to test me out because I had a background in theatre and I may be a good “storyteller.” I sat down to write a 30-second radio commercial for a local ski shop. It was first commercial, and I've written hundreds ever since. I was 19 and my love affair with writing started that day. 

A couple decades later and I have created a career out of building brands and writing stories for companies big and small. Fortune 500 companies to hundreds of small business startups. Radio, television, print, digital and more. I’ve worked in the halls of Disney, Universal, Leap Frog, Walgreens and Sears. I’ve written comedy sketch pieces for The Second City Chicago. I’ve become an illustrator and maker and started my own line of greeting cards and gifts through my company Ok Silly, Ink. Studios. As a coach and mentor, I’ve taught creative storytelling to kids at the Charles Schulz Museum and Research Center, became a certified brainstorming facilitator, and have launched my own brand building and coaching business here with The Ok Workshop.

Here's what all that means to you—expertise. I've taken all I've learned in those boardrooms and think tanks and bring a wealth of experience and knowledge that can help you design a brand that people will find irresistible. So get out that notepad, sharpen those pencils, and let's get to work. Ok! Let's do this! 

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My happy highlights:

  • Entrepreneur, Maker, Writer, Branding CoachMamma to 3 rescue dogs
  • Fan of fearless storytelling
  • Host of the Brand Shaker podcast
  • 20 years corporate branding experience
  • 6-figure branding expert
  • Senior Writer at Disney, Universal, Leap Frog, Walgreens, and more
  • Featured on Buzzfeed and the Huffington Post
  • Comedy sketch writing with The Second City Chicago
  • Successful maker with my own line of smile-making cards and gifts at Ok Silly Ink
  • Guest instructor at Charles Schulz Museum & Research Center 
  • Certified brainstorming coach
  • Mentor to thousands of creatives and entrepreneurs
  • Scooter enthusiast!