Target Market Workbook Bundle

Target Market Workbook Bundle

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Instant Downloadable Workbook plus Coaching Call (75 min)

Let me introduce you to your customer. With this bundle you get the instant download of my Target Market Workbook, plus my 1-hour Coaching Call with 15 extra minutes! This digital download is the easiest and most succinct workbook for discovering your Target Audience. I've even included a sample worksheet already filled out so you can use it for reference. Packed with info and designed for easy reading, you'll love me for this. Really!

Target Audience Workbook Download
• Instant download to print yourself
• Define your IDEAL customer
• 14 helpful pages
• Definitions, direction, and next steps
• 5 reasons why you need to know your target audience
• Target market vs niche market
• Fill-in worksheets included
• Sample worksheet provided
• Brainstorm area

75- MIN Coaching Call
• Go through the workbook together
• I'll ask key questions to help you find your audience
• We'll brainstorm ideas for reaching them
• Help you fill it out step-by-step
• Cheer you on as you make some great discoveries!

1. You finalize your purchase.
2. A screen will pop up with your INSTANT DOWNLOAD.
3. You download the PDF.
4. You follow the instructions to schedule your call.
5. We talk.
6. You say, "Thanks, Sharon!"

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