Your Bio - You in a Nutshell!

Your Bio - You in a Nutshell!

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This is all about you. When someone says, "Can you tell us a little bit about you and what you do?" BAM! Bio. Done. It's great for those forms you fill out for a show or an online class. Great to include on websites and blogs and emails. Great for publications and articles you're featured on. Also great as a laminated pull-out card for your mom to keep in her purse next to her signature peppermints so she can pull it out when she talks brags about you to her chatty nosey friends. For all those moments. 

• Receive one short 3rd-person bio of approx 100 words
• Professionally written by someone who writes these professionally — for small-business creatives to big-business CEOs
• You'll receive your file via a PDF or Word Document approx. 10-15 business days of receiving your completed creative brief. 
• Includes ONE revision to make sure you like what you read!

You'll download the file right after completing your purchase and follow the directions.  You’ll also receive it in your confirmation email and you can also retrieve it by going to You > Purchases and Reviews.

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Sharon Sprague is an award-winning advertising copywriter and brand expert who has crafted campaigns and creative for places like Disney, Universal, The Second City, Leap Frog, Walgreens and most recently, Hilton Grand Vacations. Also a creative entrepreneur, she’s the artist and writer behind Ok Silly, her colorful and smile-inducing brand of paper goods and fine art. This brightly colored business has been featured on sites like Popsugar, Buzzfeed and HuffPost, and is sold in select gift shops, art stores and online. Sharon holds a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising and currently resides in Winter Garden, Florida — a lot of the time, in her hammock.